Ponytail Baseball Cap ๐Ÿงข

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1. When you touch this baseball cap, what you could get is the comfortable feeling from the cotton, along with the lightweight and durable feature.

2. The angled brim will not shield your view and can keep your eyes from the dazzling sunshine. Protect your eyes and freely watch what is in front of you.

3. The pattern spreads on the brim and the front side of the top, while the mesh takes up its back, reflecting a feeling of individuality as well as providing breathability.

4. When you just need to go outside, you can add this sports cap to bring casual style. Draw the attention of others when you are walking in the street.

5. Anytime you want to go out, you could put on this sports hat to match your apparel.
6. The adjustable nylon clasp strap on the back can help you adjust the hat to get a more comfortable feeling.

7. Once your hair is swept back in a ponytail or messy high buns or other lovely hairstyles, you could still wear this baseball cap, as it comes with a hole which is wide enough to pass through your hair.
8. A wonderful headwear for walking, cycling, golf, sports events, sunbathing on a beach or lake, boating, camping, marathon, daily wear and so on in any seasons.

Style:Baseball Cap
Size:One Size
Sports Type:Running,Cycling,Golf,Boating,Camping
Cap Brim:7.5cm
Cap Depth:13cm
Cap Circumference:58-63cm